Diving Services

We provide safe and effective air diving services for marine inshore and offshore sectors throughout the West African region.

Our dive teams are made up from local and expatriate divers, all of whom are experienced and used to working with and for Oil Majors.

Our divers, technicians, fitters and maintenance personnel have undergone extensive inhouse training. Our training programmes include but are not limited to:

- Equipment handing techniques
- Equipment maintenance, testing and storage
- Marine paint systems technology
- The science of underwater fouling
- Correct use of cleaning brushes

TMS Offshore use various tools and techniques to gather, record and display information on the ship’s underwater bottom. This allows us to meet classification society and insurance company requirement and enables surveyors and superintendents to assess damage and the amount of fouling ensuring the most appropriate course of action is taken before leaving the region.

We are able to offer following diving services:

In water, under water, survey and real time video footage,
we provide a reliable and economic method for assessing and reviewing the condition of the ship’s hull and anti-fouling systems.

Hull Cleaning, using scuba replacement air diving and the correct equipment for the ship’s particular paint system we clean:

- Flat bottom
- Vertical sides
- Sea chests
- Bilge keels
- Rudder

Propeller Polishing, we carry out Rupert scale grade “A” propeller polishing.

Cathodic Protection, we inspect, assess and replace sacrificial anodes as required.

Port and Harbour Operations, we carry out jetty and bridge inspection and maintenance, marine growth inspection & clearance and scour surveys.

Offshore IRM works,

- Cathodic protection inspections
- Annual IRM surveys
- UWILD surveys
- Scour surveys
- Pipeline inspections
- Wellhead surveys