Chartering Services

TMS Offshore can provide either our own vessels or third party vessels to support upstream activity.

The work horses of the offshore sector, our PSV’s, vary in length and cargo handling capacity to meet customer requirements, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and meet both the requirements of the traditional offshore market and the demand of the deep water offshore industry.

Designed to transport cargoes necessary for drilling and production operations, they utilise below deck space for liquid and dry bulk cargoes while the open deck area is available for pipe and miscellaneous tools and supplies. Our craft are equipped with dynamic positioning, Z-Drives and stern skeg thrusters which allow for better station keeping necessary for safer offshore offloading operations.

Technical Expertise
Our in-house marine technical division, has the flexibility and capability to modify our vessels to suit specific client requirements. Apart from tender-related vessel acquisitions, we are focused on our customers’ strategic needs and the medium to long term requirements of oilfield developments in West Africa.

We provide vessels to charterers which are technically managed and operated by a group that has owned and operated ships for many years. Our objective is to meet the demand from markets that require modern and advanced offshore vessels. This also allows us to maintain a chartering profile for our PSV’s based on medium to long term charters.

In-House technical marine expertise: Our in-house shipping expertise and experience allows us to respond effectively and quickly to client requirements. This ensures that we can match technical specifications to tender requirements.

We offer significant advantages to potential charterers
- A faster and more cost-effective way to do business;
- A personalised service, where we may be able to suggest alternative, superior solutions to those outlined initially. This has helped to improve the efficiency of the operation.