Health, Safety and Environment: Our management systems and compliance requirements ensure our standards, processes and procedures comply with the most stringent international and national regulatory requirements. We work with IACS members to ensure we comply with, and exceed where possible, these requirements. Our Integrated Management System is continuously being improved and updated to maintain compliance with emerging industry standards.

We also benchmark against organisations such as the UK HSE, OCIMF and IMCA and where possible and appropriate adopt emerging Industry best practices.

Quality: We work continuously to meet both our internal demands and our customers' requirements. Our process based approach to quality management is key to ensuring continuous improvement in our operations and in ensuring industry best practice.

Round the clock support: As a group, we pride our self in our ability to provide 24/7 continuous supply and support services. 

Exploration and production never stops in the offshore industry and neither do we. Our management systems enable us to deliver products and services to our customers, safely, quickly and seamlessly. Our highly responsive management team understand the nature of the dynamic and constantly changing offshore industry.

Our unconditional commitment to safety, people and the environment is the foundation upon which all our operations are based. This is reflected in our certification and accreditation and the group safety culture, which is applied throughout the company.